Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Honest Questions: Thanks Rachel!

So my friend Rachel wants me to blog 10 honest things about myself, which i think is funny that she asked me to do it:) Here goes nothing!

1. I used to speed when I was driving almost all the time (it was probably the worst when I lived in Cali), but have only gotten 1 ticket. I have since then smartened up.

2. The smell of fresh blacktop and saurkraut make me want to vomit.

3. My favorite year in Undergrad College was my sophomore year when I was dating no one and lived next to Rachel and Megan and we would stay up late playing Super Mario Bros. eating chocolate covered raisins while stealing Megan's underwear (maybe I'll blog about that later)

4. Even though I have won a beauty pagaent, have very loving family and friends and an extremely affirming husband, I am very self conscious about my weight/looks.

5. I discovered yesterday I am a procrastinator...and I tried think of why or when it started, and I honestly can't think of when! I've been this way for years and didn't even know it when many people around me probably did!

6. Once in College I got extra credit points on a test for making a joke on the side of the test.

7. I secretly started to fall in love with Jared when he taught me how to snowboard the first year I met him, even though he had a girlfriend at the time! The good thing is I had nothing to do with the break up which was much later! And the better thing is that we ended up together!! Woo hoo!

8. I love doing Karate because I feel like I'm really good at a sport finally-I've actually taken a 1st place in sparring and a 2nd place against all boys in forms! (only 2nd to Jared that is:)

9. I have learned in the last year how little importance "stuff" had in my life. There are very very few things that we own that really matter to me.

10. Several of my new years resolutions from last year were not kept including: growing out my nails and running a marathon...maybe this year...

Alright, there you go, 10 random useless things about me-hopefully somewhat mildly entertaining:)

~Angela M.


Megan said...

Good times playing Nintendo and eating chocolate covered raisins. Oh I miss that! No one steals my underwear these days either.

Rachel said...

I am so glad I made the list! And yes that was a fabulous year. I miss the Nintendo playing for sure. Remember when Megan dropped her whole big bucket of chocolate covered raisins on the floor? I have a funny picture of her pretending to eat them! I think I feel a blog post about the college days coming on as well!

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing...I love you and miss you tons! My favorite college year was sophomore year too...I guess there's just something about year number two?! I guess it's because you already have friends and probably decided to live with/near them.