Thursday, December 18, 2008


For the last few days they have been saying we would get 2-6 inches of snow yesterday and today. Now you must know that I rarely believe meteorologists. Most of the time when they promise my snow, they just don't deliver. I just get my hopes up that I will enjoy lots and lots of beautiful snow, and it just doesn't happen.
Well they lied again. We did not get 2-6 inches of snow. We currently have...

20 INCHES OF SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAHOO!!! We shoveled the driveway 2 times yesterday almost a foot of snow each time, and we will have to do it again at least 2 times today! Fortunatly I was not scheduled to work--Jared was, but there is no way he can get there in our little car!! Police have actually said unless you have 4 wheel drive or chains you should not be driving. And here is the coolest part...we are supossed to get up to 6 MORE inches today!!! I have so many really fun snow memories with my brother--sure wish he was here to have fun with us!

The only tough question to we get to Cali for Christmas!?!

**the first picture was taken yesterday afternoon during the 1st shovel.
the second was taken a few minutes ago

~Angela M.

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