Friday, March 27, 2009

What A Pain in the Knee

So for about the last month, I have been a dedicated die hard Jillian Michael's client...ok maybe she's not screaming at me in person, but through the television. Her 2 workouts that are my fave are her Boost Metabolism and her No More Trouble Zones workouts. Recently a few times a week I've been doing them back to back (they are an hour each). I've seen great results and think they are really fun.

About a week ago I started having some knee pain in my right knee--I had the same a few years ago when I was running a lot. I try to do everything right when doing squats and all the Plyometrics--don't let your knee go over your toe, don't let you knees go out or in, land on your toes...but still the pain-I think I'm on my way to get a little knee brace thingy.
I'm old.
~Angela M.

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