Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Much Needed Trip

Last year over Spring Break, our dear friends M, M, M, M, and M Crydo were heading out to Florida. Jared and I were over at their house late at night just a few days before they were going to leave. They were telling us all about what they were going to do, the campground they were going to stay at etc. I don't know who said it first, but somehow we started joking about how Jared and I should join them on the trip. Pretty soon, our joking turned into checking out airfares down to Florida at the last minute and before we knew it, we had booked tickets and planned on leaving about 2 days later!!! The trip we took last year was full of a lot of much needed relaxation, lots of fun and laughter, but most of all, really deepening our friendship with the Crydo clan. We had such a great time together that we all decided right there and then that we had to do the same thing again next year...

Which brings us to today. Jared and I get to leave on Tuesday for Naples FL for a week long vacation with the Crydo's!!!! We are so thrilled that our dream of getting together with them again, especially after moving away last summer, is actually happening! Thanks to some airmiles and saving up our tip money, our Florida Cramerine trip is possible once again! I can't wait for all the stories, fun times and memories that come from this trip:)

~Angela M.

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alex said...

whose your fav. cryderman? M or M?