Friday, January 30, 2009

The Letter "M"

Here are my 10 things I love that start with the letter M as given me by Rachel!

Marriage: I can't say enough about how I love the symbolism of earthly marriage and our relationship with the Lord. I love my husband so so so so so so so so so....and so on, much! We LOVE being married-it's fantastic.

Music: I have been blessed abundantly with a natural love and gift in the musical arena. And I LOVE using it for the Lord. I could go on forever, but will not.

Mango's: They are a delicious fruit, you should try one sometime.

Movies: I think few things are as relaxing as sticking a movie in when you are tired.

Microwaves: Seriously, where would I be without this invention. I mean, hello, the Hot Pocket?

Memories: I love remembering how good the Lord has been---so so faithful. I love remembering fun family memories from when I was a child, and memories of silly things I did in college (like trying to re-arrange my room a zillion times..."it'll fit in the hallway!") And remembering when Jared and I first fell in love.

Mercy: I would not be here if not for great mercy shown upon me from Christ. I am learning more and more to be more merciful.

Mountains: Everytime I look at a mountain, I am reminded of the hugeness of God (don't know if that's a word, but I made it one)

My mom: She is giving and forgiving, serving, loving, and so many other things. Probably about the best mom ever.

Mark, Mary, Micah, Mariah, McKoona---they are like family. I think about them so much and pray for them so much-they are so important to me. This is a fabulous family who treats us like their own. The let us sneak our way into their lives, and then we ended up living at their house. Plus we all got food poisoning together--how much closer can you be then that?

Of course there are many other things I love that don't start with the letter M, but that's my M list. (of course my dad, bro, sis, nephews, niece, and many others are on the list too, so don't feel left out!)

~Angela M.


Anonymous said...

Angela - I'm honored and humbled that I made your "M" list. I love being your Mom!

Crydo said...

I'll never forget the sound of Jared wretching in the bathroom.
Oh, how sad!
But how much closer can people get?
What a joy!

word verification: broode (n)

Angela will say booyah to a broode of kids!

Crydo said...

I am so happy to be on the M list as well. Mary