Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Talk to the Right Person

I'm sure I am not the only person to experience this situation. It has occured many times in my life, but recently it seems to be happening more often. Here is the set-up: You call have a problem/question that needs to be resolved...the person on the other end of the phone has absolutely no imagination whatsoever, thus leaving you feeling more frustrated then you were when you made the call in the first place. Here is my story:

Yesterday I called the Dr. to get in to resolve some weird health issues I'm having. I am a new patient, so I understand that I do not have first priority among patients...recap of the convo:

Me: "Hello, I'm wondering if Dr. ______ is accepting new patients."
Receptionist "Oh yes she is."
Me: "Great! When is the soonest I could get in, I would like to get in as soon as possible. Do you have any upcoming cancellations?"
Receptionist "(laughing) oh, well since you are a new patient, you can't just get right in-you have to come in for a consultation...and why are you calling right now, it's the lunch hour? Can you call back later or do you just want to leave a message?"
Me: "(silence)...umm...I guess I'll just call later."

Seriously. If she couldn't help me, why did she even pick up the phone??
Sometimes you just need to talk to the right's what happened just a few minutes ago. Same Dr.'s office, new receptionist:

Me "Hello I'm wondering if Dr. _______ is accepting new patients."
Receptionist "Oh yes she is"
Me "Great I'm hoping to set up an appointment as soon as possible"
Receptionist "Great, let me start a file for you! (takes info over the phone)
Receptionist "Well it looks like we have a cancellation tomorrow unless that's too soon"
Me "It's perfect!"

I'm sure as you read this story, you can think of a conversation of your own where all you needed was someone with a little creativity and a lot of grace. I am soooo thankful for those people who go out of their way to be the right person to talk to!

~Angela M.

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alex said...

good for you for calling back. it seems like that happens far too often