Monday, September 22, 2008

Running and Praying

Over the years I have had different running spurts-sometimes months at a time--last winter I was up to 8 miles even! I have been running again recently-lots of hills around Spokane to run around on. And today my wonderful husband joined me for the first time in a while, which was a huge blessing. (3 miles isn't too bad) I love having him by my side.
Many people have told me about the great prayer times they have had while running, and I have to admit I have always been a bit jealous since I am usually consumed with thoughts on what part of my body hurts, is my breathing right, am I swinging my arms too much etc.
Today was different though. As we ran through the hail, rain and wind, my heart connected with God as I interceeded again for my friend Mitch and his family. God is able to do more then we ask and imagine, and that's what I ask Him to do today.

~Angela M.

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Rachel said...

I love to pray while I run, too (if I can get myself to stop thinking OW OW OWWWWWW!). Did I ever tell you that you posting on your blog last winter about how you had run 8 miles is what got me back into running??? Yep, you were my inspiration!