Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meeting a Mad Scientist

So Jared and I finally took an expedition up to Green Bluff here in Spokane. This area is known for awesome fruit and veggie farms that seel fresh stuff at much cheaper then the grocery stores. So we went around the area stopping at a few different places before finally stopping at Strawberry Hills...
We walked up to the barn and this old guy comes over and asks us if we've ever been there before. "I'm the Mad Scientist!" he tells us. He then proceeded to not only tell us where we could find the different produce, but takes us row by row of the u-pick farm explaining how everything is "more then organic" (I didn't know that was possible!) He let us sample everything we wanted, but he just kept talking and talking about how he studied in Australia to get special certifications and everything. It was amazing. He's our new best friend. We plan on visiting the mad scientist with the best strawberries in town soon!

(not actual photo of Verne)

~Angela M.

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