Sunday, September 14, 2008

-Church Family-
So I've been thinking about the phrase church "family" for about the last week or so...
We had a prayer service last Monday night for Mitch Thomas-a friend battling leukimia for about the last 16 months or so-in desperate need of a miracle. I'd say there were over 200 people there pouring out their hearts to the Lord-seeking His power and grace and healing upon our Brother Mitch. We spent hours praying, worshipping, and praying some more. And the thought occured to me more then once-what a beautiful picture of unity--maybe we're just a little closer to what God wants us to be like right in that moment. It was a night I will never forget, and we still pray and wait upon the Lord to heal Mitch.

Last Thursday night, Jared and I were invited to come to a couples small group at our friends Nick and Jillian's. All of us had been at the prayer night and somehow seemed very unified. When we left the house a few hours later, we kept commenting on how much of a "church family" we have here at Timberview.

Today at Timberview was Opening Day as we called it. I was priveleged to be on the worship team today singing up front with my mama and the rest of the team. Dad spoke wonderfully always...but there was just a sense of unity among everyone. So many people volunteered hours to get everything set up and ready-there were lots of new faces-and everyone seemed genuinly excited about what God was doing in this church family we have.

I'm so thankful God is showing me more and more through those around me what the church family is supossed to look like!

~Angela M.

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