Monday, September 8, 2008

Moving Boxes

So Jared and I have been here in Spokane WA for about a month and a half--which has gone by so extremly fast I can't believe it. I just got done moving some more of our boxes from mom and dad's garage to their basement so we can actually use the garage for the car (we've living with mom and pops in case you hadn't heard).
Strange how something as mundane as moving boxes reminds me of some great memories, and how far God has brought me.

I can recall sitting in our old apartment, going through each room of "stuff" and putting absolutely everything we own on the floor and saying "each room only gets 2 bins worth of stuff"--I can't even begin to express how much "stuff" we got rid of, stuff that I don't even remember, miss, or think about, but I'm sure I thought it was very important in the moments that I stored it away.

I remember sitting in the Crydo's living room with them, helping them purge from their household items, and Mark writing some pretty funny return address labels on our boxes as we all prepared to move. Somehow we all helped make the moving process so much fun for each other although it was extremely difficult-we were able to laugh our way through most days no matter what.

Seeing the few things I have kept from being young reminds me of when I was a child and Alex and I would play all day long riding our bikes, coloring, pretending there were alligators on the carpet, or building the tallest lego towers possible (please great grandma, please great grandma). I can hardly believe sometimes my brother actually has kids of his own.

Most of all, as I carry these boxes back and forth and continue to snoop through what we have, I am reminded of how far the Lord has brought me in so many ways. I can't believe I am married to the most incredible man in the world, have made some extremely amazing life-long friends, have been so welcomed into the Timberview family, have such a deep love for my family and friends that I am able to feel so much loss just being away from them, have made such wonderful friends here in Spokane already, and that I can live today in the truth that God's mercies are new this morning.

Thanks Lord for the chance I had today to move some boxes.