Friday, April 18, 2008

Social/Biblical/Global Justice???

Recently, Jared and myself have been thinking a lot about what God has called us to as His children-His ambassadors here on earth. Tony Campolo is and has been a huge advocate on this for years--and after hearing him speak when I was in college, that was when I first decided to sponsor a child through compassion international. At the most recent conference I visited-the Student Ministries Conference at Willow Creek-basically every speaker we had hit this issue--not just touched on it, but hit the nail on the head. Several like Shane Claiborne, and Dan Kimball and Kara Powell have even written books on this.
I seem to be thinking and praying each new day how I can serve God by serving others. How I can help show the love of God to the world through the choices I make, people I talk to, and the purpose with which I do things. I pray that as God continues to shape these thoughts and ideas in my own heart, I can pass on the same things to the students of CrossRoads--Love God--Love People--Desire to Change the World.

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