Thursday, April 10, 2008

Counting Crows...

So last night Jared and I were walking around downtown Chicago having a good time going from store to store when we come to one of our favorites: The Apple Store.

Upon our entry, we realized the upstairs was blocked off and there were a ton of people upstairs and an exciting bustle. I asked the nearest employee what was going on when they replied..."Counting Crows is going to perform." I'm thinking to myself...does anyone even listen to Counting Crows anymore?

Needless to say, we did not get to "see" them, but we heard them starting to play. But no, that was not the best part of my evening.

Jared and I had dinner at the fabulous Grand Lux Cafe--and we both had the most amazing food! Salmon with stir fry and rice--wow it was incredible. Of course, I was not able to finish the entire thing...inspired by the speaker Shane Claiborne earlier that day, we decided to take the leftovers and give them to someone on the streets who needed food.
We did not have far to walk to our car, so I was praying we would find someone in need between here and there...we had only walked a few blocks when suddenly a man with a son about 3 yrs old came up to us and said, "Can anyone help? We need some food" Wow! Talk about Jesus being right there in that moment! We happily gave them the food and felt like we were able to be used by God in a little way.

So there's a little taste of our day spent downtown.


Anonymous said...

That is Awesome, that you were able to do that. Amazing how God puts things in our life like that.

Anonymous said...

that was from me Becky