Thursday, March 1, 2007


So here we are at Willow Creek-this being my first visit here since their addition-Sharon and Stephanie joined us here for the Student Ministries Conference-and it has been absolutely incredible so far! We heard some really powerful stuff from Bo Boshears specifically about warning signs of a failing leader-all of which were completely true-I really respect him and his wisdom he had to give us yesterday. Darren Whitehead their Sr. High Director also gave a great talk on the cultural shifts and how our ministries need to shift along with it. He gave some relaly practical and great ideas. Donald Miller author of Blue Like Jazz also spoke-he was slightly more confusing-not as focused-however had some good things to say. It probably didn't help that his session was after lunch.

Speaking of lunch-we were actually given the option of a vegetarian meal! Praise God for supplying us with food that fits with our Daniel Fast! For Dinner we all ate at Boston Market eating a bunch of veggies-again a cool answer to prayer. Although I often am thinking about what the next meal will consist of, I am finding that each meal is a true blessing and I want to be more concious of what I am putting into my body and honoring God with it.

I have really enjoyed the devotional book Jared and I are doing together The Passionate Journey by Marty Bullis. Each reading ends with a prayer where you read a line-pray about it-read the next line-pray about it and so on for 4 lines. After the last line of prayer, Jared and I pray aloud together-a wonderful time to connect our hearts to Christ together.

Lord we choose to honor and praise You with this day!

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