Friday, March 9, 2007

Daniel Fast-Final Week

Well we are in the home stretch of the Daniel Fast. To think that we actually made it through a vacation on top of just how much more difficult each meal is to plan is pretty amazing. I hope our story can be one of God's strength. I definetly like to eat healthy, however I would not consider myself to be a health nut. I have been pushed to the end of my own self-control (especially being around people eating pizza, drinking coffee and eating cookies) and have learned to rely on my dependance and need for God.
As the fast now comes to the final week, I am almost sad...weird I know...I enjoy allowing God to grow me. I am hoping God will teach me even more now that I have been pushed in this particular area through different venues.
Don't get me wrong though-I have already planned my first meal once I get off the fast...a Breakfast Sandwich from Tim Horton's...what will yours be?


an_earl_girl said...

Ok, now that the fast is finished...what was the first thing you ate??

Anonymous said...

Tim Horton's Egg & Cheese breakfast Sandwich. Heaven in a biscuit!