Friday, March 16, 2007


So I'm sure you are all wondering how I broke my fast...

Jared and I drove to Tim Horton's Wed. after lunch and grabbed a Cafe Mocha...I think I could only finish half of it.

Wed. night-Emily bought PIZZA....I had 2 pieces

Thursday-Jared and I had a breakfast sandwich and a cafe Mocha. Well I had a breakfast sandwich-He had 2 and a donut.
I did a salad for lunch because I missed lettuce

Today-Dad brought me a coffee and I had a quarter of a sub sandwich from subway--bread tasted weird.

So that's the deal. I really do want to eat a lot more fruits and veggies then we did before. I am really wanting a tuna melt...maybe tomorrow:)

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Glenn said...

Maybe you should make yourself a Tuna Melt -- just a thought!