Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well after 2 weekends of Jr. and Sr. High Winter Camp-I am still alive to tell the story. So that's what I'll do!

2 weeks ago we took 35 Jr. High students to Somerset Beach Campground-some serious good times-including bringing several new students with us and getting them plugged in-students tubing down the hill at full speed-students walking across the frozen lake-playing broom ball-and seeing students grow closer to God and each other.

I had to take the next weekend off (otherwise I would be hooked up to an IV)-this decision made by mistakes in the past-thank you Jesus!

This last weekend we took 37 High School students to SpringHill Camp in Evart MI-wow-wow-wow! Everything about the weekend was incredible-the tubing hill-the food-the unending flow of hot chocolate-the programming-and the...everything! Not only did everyone have an incredible time-but each and every student grew closer to Christ-they all had a story-were really affected by the Speaker Brett Ray-AND 2 students made 1st time commitments to Christ! YEA JESUS!

The leaders Jared, Paul, Ryan, Stephanie and Kim all went above and beyond the call of duty! Espcially those who pulled double duty on Jr. and Sr. High camps-Jared, Paul, and Steph!

Most of all-Props to God-who does what He does best-Changes lives.

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