Monday, February 26, 2007


So Jared and I actually left for Chicago early-due to the ice/snow storm sweeping across the midwest. We ended up driving right through the middle of it for a little while-but thankfully made it here safely and have been able to spend some good times with Jared's best friend Jesse who is in Chicago for a trade show with his business. Our Willow Creek conference starts on Wednesday so until then we are just relaxing and enjoying a little mini-vacation.

So how to do a Daniel fast on vacation? We have found it to be more difficult then being at home, however we have stayed entirely with our Daniel Fast!

As my best friend Emily put it-it is amazing how much we think we NEED (food wise), and yet when we train our bodies like this, we realize we don't need most of them at all.

It hasn't even been a week yet and already the Lord is showing me things I would not have seen if I weren't taking the time and discipline to meet with Him and sacrifice for Him.

Thanks Jesus for making all things possible through You


Emily Smith said...

i miss you. that's all.

Emily Smith said...

oh yeah... and I hope you're having a good time!