Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving in Mexico!

So I leave for Mexico tomorrow morning until Sunday-

Prayer for God to do some radical things in our hearts
Prayer for God to use us in mighty ways
Prayer for safety
Prayer for financial assistance

Thanks for your prayers! Though I can't be with my family over Thanksgiving, I am so excited at this chance to be used during this time!


Anonymous said...

have a great time- be safe - and know you're prayed for and loved!

Angela said...

i love you too!!!! 1 more month!

Izzy said...

Glad you are back safe Angela. I want to hear the great things God did through you and the team.

mark said...

Have fun - we're praying for you!

Emily Smith said...

hey you- finally decided to get my own blog... I'll post pics of the baby on Thurs or Friday - after we get our new ultrasound pics! : ) I love you and hope all is well!