Saturday, November 12, 2005

Changing the World is Like...

After graduating from Spring Arbor University, I left feeling the way many people my age do: Like I could change the world...
Then reality set in...I did not get my dream job, was not surrounded by people with the same vision, and did not see many dreams come to fruition. (say it like "nutrition" with a "fr" instead of a "n")
2 and a half years after I have graduated and thought I had come to grips with reality, I am realizing I had it right the first time! My "reality" came from the fact that my circumstances were not what I had imagined as ideal. God's reality is that He desires to use us as Christ followers to be revolutionaries!!! A revolutionary by the way is someone who changes things-who does not settle for mediocrity. God is continually searching our hearts to see if and when we will be ready for Him to use...I have decided I am ready...I will not be a revolutionary-I AM a revolutionary!

Changing the world is like finally coming to terms with reality!

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