Monday, January 9, 2012

Daniel Fest 2012

So it has begun. 5 years ago my dad introduced me to the Daniel fast. I was newly married. A lively youth pastor of a bunch of rowdy jr and sr high kids. And I was up for an intense challenge. Thus doing the crazy spiritual challenge such as the Daniel Fast seemed like the perfect thing to do. So for 3 weeks my food intake was limited to vegetables, brown rice, fruit and nuts. That first year my creativity level was at about a negative fifty and Jared and I ended up eating half a bag of mixed veggies per meal. I'm sure you can imagine the insane depravity of it all. I still apologize to my husband for the immense amounts of carrots and broccoli.
Of course the DF is about much more than coming up with creative ways to make cauliflower edible. In the Word (also known as the Holy Bible) Daniel our main man chose to eat veggies and fruits (and probably millet) rather than the food the rest of the kings army was indulging in. In the course of 21 days he proved to be stronger physically and mentally then everyone else. In a similar way, 2 years ago when I was on the DF I had my annual check up. The Dr. Told me that my cholesterol and blood pressure were the best she had ever seen! Coincidence--I think not.
Spiritually speaking, I have found it to be a fairly extreme sacrifice. (we're talking no coffee or chocolate for 3 weeks people. Lifeblood.) It is easy to complain and think too much about all the foods I'm not eating. Ugh just makes me sick thinking about how disgustingly self absorbed I can be. (makes me throw up a bit of spinach in my mouth) what really comes to the forefront during this three weeks is how I can never out give God. His sacrifices He made for me are completely untouchable. Nothing I give up for Him-- not even coffee (please no condemnation) can compare to my incredible Savior. I am able to focus more clearly on Him and my many reasons to say Thank You with my life for Him.
So here I am 5 years later embarking on Daniel Fest 2012. Food options are much greater than in the past (sweet potato chips anyone?) but the 3 weeks are still sobering. I am praying my focus will magnify the Lord and His unending love. It is totally worth every caffeine free moment.

~Angela M.

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Glenn said...

Glad for the soul-stretching journey you are on - not just for 3 weeks - but for life!