Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enjoying the Silence

During these last few weeks of the Daniel Fast I've been thinking a lot. A lot of thoughts about coffee, but also thoughts about Jesus, my marriage, our precious baby, and this life I'm living. I was privileged to read Jen hatmaker's book 7 last week too. Not only did it have me busting out my infamous laugh outburst, waking up my sweet husband at night (sorry babe), it had me close to tears at many points. Her books is basically about simplifying life for the sake of Jesus. How reducing what we have, do, eat, wear can all have an impact on the kingdom and give the Lord more room in our hearts. I felt really affirmed as we have already done several steps she suggested in the book, including the Daniel fast, and purging. Oh the purging we have done in the last 4 years is really incredible. I'm like the opposite of a hoarder. Anyways I digress.

There were several things that struck me as I was reading/thinking/meditating/dreaming of my next cup of coffee. I need more silence. Or less noise, however you want to say it. My first starting point is the tv. I'm drastically cutting it. Unless it is biggest loser, project runway, or a hallmark movie I haven't seen yet( there's probably not many) then I'm not watching it. Of course we do live with my parents so I do not want them to have to not watch what they want, but I am trying to occupy my mind and time otherwise. I have already noticed a more calm spirit inside of me. More time alone spent with the Father, and I was able to finish up some projects I'd been working on.

This is a good thing. God is doing a new thing. And I love it.

Angela M.

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