Monday, September 12, 2011

My New Daily Grind

No I'm not referring to coffee (although I made a delicious French Press this morning)-my life as I know it has completely changed. Friday was my first official day of stay-at-home mom world. Jared is back to work, and though I live at my parents place, mom and dad are usually gone for most of the day as well. Leaving Caden and myself to fend for ourselves-how dare they!:) So that means I have to figure out how to survive and make the most of these days at home with my baby. Now let me be very clear that this is totally by my own choice that I am in the position I am in. Having Caden was not a surprise to us, I mean I'm 30 years old for crying out loud, I should be totally fine with all of this right?

Anyhoo, in my attempt to make some sense of my days, I'm following the advice of my fabulous sister in law Becky and have made up a schedule for each day of the week. A little overkill for some-perhaps. But I think it will work really well for me and the babe. It looks something like this:

7:00-Wake up-God Time
8:00-Wake Caden-feed/change
9:00-Go for a Walk
11:30-feed/change Caden
12:30-nap-do coupons
2:30-feed/change Caden
3:00-workout (Caden LOVES to watch:)
4:30-feed/change Caden
6:30-feed/change Caden
8:00-feed/change/bedtime for Caden
10:00-Go to sleep
4:30-feed/change Caden-back to sleep:)

Sounds thrilling doesn't it? I'm hoping the routine will be beneficial for us all. Well right now Caden is screaming his brains out-resisting his nap...I just keep remembering tomorrow is a new day. And I know his many smiles will cancel out all the tears.

~Angela M.


Rebecca said...

sounds like you're doing a great job, angela! and babies/kids thrive on routine! just remember, sometimes just when you think you have it down, baby can change it up on you and that's ok ;).

Rachel said...

I think it's really smart to have a routine/schedule. We have a pretty set schedule still and I find it helps a lot, and keeps me from going crazy spending all that time with two little people :) My boys do better for naps and at night if we are more consistent. It is a big change to being home and it took me quite a while to get used to it. It's wonderful, but different :) I love seeing pictures of your little boy - he is one cute baby!!!!!