Monday, February 23, 2009

My Mom's New Favorite Show

About a month ago, just before dinner, Jared and I were watching cash cab the "gameshow right here in my taxi". My mom caught a glance of it and didn't think it sounded too exciting, until she saw people get into the cab and become startled when Ben Bailey turns on the lights inside and tells people they are on his gameshow. Then everytime she would ask "did they jump? what was their reaction?"
Thus, it turned into everytime she sees it is on tv, she is completely hooked and yells at the tv "SHOUT OUT! USE YOUR SHOUT OUT!". And of course my mother, who is one of the last people in the world to ever take a huge risk always tells the contestants to "TAKE THE MONEY!" at the end and not to risk it on double or nothing. She even comes up with questions she thinks Ben Bailey should ask...although I should let you know they all have to do with "I Love Lucy".
~Angela M.


alex said...

i can totally picture this as i'm reading... and it's really funny

Becky said...

I'm laughing right now!

*my word: "banters"*

Anonymous said...

I have begun to think that if they have no strikes and there are several in the car, they should take the risk of the video bonus. Getting risky in my old age. -- Also, if they ask what street Lucy and Ricky lived on,the answer is: East 68th St. -- Just incase anyone wants to know! -- Love, Mom