Friday, October 24, 2008


Today was a good day. I was able to substitute at Northwest Christian School-one of the best christian middle and high schools I've seen. I really enjoyed my day there getting to know the students and being able to help out the teachers there.

But today, I felt old.

I introduced myself to the students as "Mrs. A" to keep them from any name confusion, but being called "Mrs A" just made me feel old. Isn't that what I'm supossed to call my elders? Mrs?

And then, I looked in the mirror.

Usually I would describe myself as looking pretty young for my age, which I kind of like, but during lunch today, as I was washing my hands in the sink, I looked up at my reflection and couldn't believe what I saw.

There in the mirror was a grown adult woman. Not a teenager or young adult. I looked and felt old. Somehow in those few moments I felt every one of my 27 years flood towards me like leaves rushing in the wind. Just a few years ago, Wasn't it me walking to elementary school with my brother? Wasn't I the one in high school? Wasn't I the one sitting through college classes? It is so strange how life can sneak up so fast. Moments turn into days. Weeks turn into months, and before you know it, you're a 27 year old woman who has left her youth behind, and the road ahead is adulthood.

Today I saw a different person in the mirror then I think I ever have before.

~Angela M.


Chaffin Family said...

now you know how I feel. Hope you had a nice time at the school. Maybe someday you'll get one of my two kids in your class when you sub up there.

Crydo said...

I remember when Emily asked Ailey if she "wanted to go see Grampa Mark"...
Angela - you're only as old as you act and feel - which is why you and Jared are a breath of fresh air! You will be forever young! Booyah to that!

alex said...

just wait 'til you get old and wrinkley like me