Tuesday, October 7, 2008

P90X Day 1:
Wow. Jared and I have just completed our 1st P90x workout. It's amazing that I'm actually able to type! This is for sure the most demanding workout I have done-except for maybe a few of our karatee classes. I did a total of 205 pushups throughout the workout...ya that's right, 205. We definetly laughed a lot at ourselves, and sometimes at Tony the workout guru, and had a great time together. We are committed to sticking with the 90 day program-yikes! Today was the Chest and Back dvd, and then the ab-ripper. Tomorrow we will do the Plyometrics dvd---can't wait to see how sore I am then! What have we gotten ourselves into!

~Angela M.


alex said...

you've got to do math tomorrow?! that's what i call a full body workout!

PFMC said...

After the workout, you deserve one of Alex's Hamburger Fatties!