Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So here is my official update for anyone who cares on the p90x workout program that Jared and I have slaved ourselves to.
Wow. I knew it would be tough, but I do consider myself to be an active person-I've done many aerobic classes, karate, lifting, running etc. But nothing even begins to feel with the pain and difficulty level of P90X. Jared and I were able to work out each day (Except for Sat when I worked at 4:15 am and then we went straight to a friends house till late at night). Each workout works on a different muscle group, bnut each workout pushes you to the complete brink of exhaustion. After day 1, I actually worked my body into shock and I was sick for most of the entire next day...yikes! Each day following that was better-no more sickness which was great:) We actually decided to do our measurements after week 1, and we were both pretty happy-I'd lost an inch or two on my hips, and Jared had gained an inch or two on his shoulders (we obviously have different goals:)
We are both committed to sticking with the program-though we are not following the eating/diet guide. I don't really think they help in the long run since right after you finish it you just gain weight when you go back to your regular patterned eating. We're just eating slightly more healthy then before.
Anyways, there was the boring update. More to come later! (and I'm sure my body will look like this pic soon!)
From a very sore woman,
~Angela M.


Chaffin Family said...

Good morning very sore women. Thanks for coming last night. I think you may just be the perfect person for the area director. When they interview you show them the flour trick, it is sure to please and it is a cheep form of entertainment for YL times around the camp fire. I'll be praying that if it is the job for you that God makes it so clear and opens all the doors. Now stop reading this and go do your work out.

Anonymous said...

im scared! Ours hasnt come yet, but sounds like Matt may get more use than I will. Unfortunalety we work different shifts and will never be able to do it together. stick with it and keep us informed how its going! jessica

Crydo said...

Go Angela!

alex said...

way to stick with it

Chaffin Family said...

How is the work out going. We need an update. Having fun on your dad's blog. a little rumor has been started about a party you are having while they are out of town. Ha ha.

Rachel said...

Wow you are amazing :)

Check out my blog - I tagged you today!