Friday, March 7, 2008

Rrrrroll up the Rim to Win!

It's that time of year once again! Tim Horton's (or Tim Hoopla's as Jared likes to call it) is offering it's roll up the rim contest. They are giving away 100 boats, 5000 Garmin navigation deviced, 35 cars, 20,000 $50 gift cards, and lots of "food prizes". So far Jared and I have won 4 free coffee's! The coolest was the 2 times when we used our "free drink" and then won another free drink! We are still holding out for the boat. We noticed on last years giveaways that most of the big giveaways were in Canada. So we have a plan:

In a month when we go to visit my grandparents with my family, we plan on hitting up every Timmy's we can see, getting sick off of coffee just for the chance that we might win big!!! I think it will work;)

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