Saturday, February 4, 2006

Really Clean!

This was the title of the tract that I signed on that fateful day I decided to "be a christian" in 1986. Of course I am extremely thankful for that day in my life, and more importantly everything that led up to that and ever since then. What I have been realizing more and more every day is that there is an essential NEED to become really clean that can only come through healing in Jesus Christ.

Healing whether it is healing from past sins, hurts, things others have done to wrong you etc, never comes in an instant (or I guess I could say rarely). True healing that lasts is a process that only comes to completion as we allow Jesus to strip us bare: exposing the root of the problem, allowing Him to clease us, and then re-clothe us in His beauty.

For me, this process is almost always difficult and is painful. I never like to see those things in me which I try to desperately to keep hidden. And yet as the healing process continues, I find that I am becoming really clean!

Thank you Lord for your power and patience to make me Really Clean!

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Glenn said...


And I'm so glad you prayed the prayer in that booklet and meant it. What a great Christian woman you are!