Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Man of God:

Many people strive to be like the man or woman of God they read about in the Bible. We read in the Bible about David being a man after God's own heart, and so many others who are used by God to do great things. However, it is made clear in His Word that just BEING His is the greates thing we can do.

There are many different men and women I have met in life who have displayed different qualities and characteristics of a Godly person. However, I have rarely seen such qualities displayed so consistantly and so authentically as I do in my Best Friend and Love of my Heart: Jared R. Amerine.

For those of you who have not met him, I look forward to the day of that meeting: When you will see exactly what it is in him that has caused me to fall completely in love with him. This humble man of God shows me more of the character of Christ each new day. I look forward to today and tomorrow and then next day because I love seeing God through all that you say and do. (P.S. Just so you all know-He is imperfect. But that's where God is strong! That's what makes all of this work out so well:)


Emily Smith said...

oh dear- you are a smitten kitten... : ) But I cannot express how happy I am for you!

shawnbrooks8252 said...

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rosydot said...

Just curious -- sometime back you listed the qualities you were looking for in a potential mate ... extremely outgoing, etc. Are you surprised at what your heart has found, compared to what your head, you might say, was looking for? Or did you find everything for both head and heart in Jared?