Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Ode to My Shorts:

On our most recent trip to California, my lovely mother in law decided to take us on a mini shopping spree much to my surprise. She insisted on buying me a new outfit for working out etc., which I actually really needed. So she got me these cute pink shorts and matching workout shirt and 2 new sports bras-all from the wonderful store-Target (please say with an accent).
Upon returning home, Jared made a funny comment about how now I could get rid of my yellow shorts which I've had since I lived in california 4 yrs ago--I knew they didn't bother him...but I thought to myself "self, it's time to get rid of the bright yellow shorts that you only bought because they were on clearance for $3."
So as I was unpacking my things back home, putting my new shorts away, I saw a glimpse of my yellow shorts (kind of hard to miss) and decided it was now or never. I grabbed them, walked down the stairs and headed for the garbage bin in the garage--I knew if I put them anywhere else I might be tempted to get them back out!!!

Farewell my dear shorts! You have been so good to me! Thank you for being so bright so that people could always see me running down the road with plenty of warning. You have traveled so many a road. You will be missed greatly!!!! (tear)
~Angela M.

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