Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Year

Another year older
Another year smarter
Another year of life experience
Another year of laughter
Another year of drawing closer to God
Another year of loving
Another year of Joy
Another year of challenges
Another year to grow
Another year to dance
Another year to laugh
Another year to change
Another year to become more like Jesus
Another year to share love
share life
share joy
share peace
share patience
share dreams
share hope

I'm so thankful for another year, I think 28 sounds pretty cool.

~Angela M.


Rachel said...

You are just a young'un, huh? Happy birthday, friend!!! Love the pictures - esp the one of you guys on the beach! Beautiful :)

alex said...


happy birthday, 'lil sis

karen robertson said...

love the outfits. Erin Barbour will be so proud of this picture!!

The Knight Family said...

So I can't believe I missed this....Happy Birthday! I am the worst friend ever. Sounds like you an your hubby had great birthdays. I always enjoyed celebrating when you both lived here. Miss you guys!!