Monday, December 19, 2005


I can not WAIT to go home! And this is the short list why:
1. Evan-my nephew
2. Mom-she rocks
3. Dad-I am in love with him:)
4. Alex-My one and only brother who makes me laugh
5. Becky-The best sister in law a girl could ask for!
6. Emily-My best friend in the world who I can't wait to see because she is pregnant and I have been going through major withdrawls from her!
7. SNOW-yes. snow. I can't wait to shovel!
8. Vanessa-It has been too long since I visited her grave-
9. CrossRoads-too many people I know and love like crazy
10. Christmas-the Teal traditions are the best ever. Yes mom, I will make my bed before I wake you up:)
11. I have not been there since August. I'm sorry, but that is just too long in between visits.
12. New Church-the new CrossRoads building is supossedly really coming along
13. My parents fireplace
14. Drinking eggnog with Dad on Christmas eve
15. Showing everyone pictures of Jared
16. SNOW!
17. Running 10 miles Christmas eve...dang it!
18. Lifestyles. Don you really need to open one up down here.
19. Watching Evan dance. I can't wait
20. Singing with my fam.
21. Giving my entire family their gifts.
22. no work. no school. enough said.
23. SNOW. I can't wait till my nose hairs freeze when I step outside!


Anonymous said...

Angela - I can't wait till you arrive home on Friday. And yes, we have SNOW! Happy shoveling ahead - along with a warm fire in the fireplace. No eggnog for me - how about some Russian Tea? Counting the days - Love, Mom.

Emily Smith said...

I'm heavily favoring #6 on your list... but I guess I'll have to share you with everyone else too - Can't wait till you get here!

Glenn said...

I'm particularly excited about #3 -- #13 and #14 but I was wondering if these are all in any particular order.


larchmeany said...

I understand your concern, Glenn. It seems Angela has a thing about the order of lists...