Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Singing in the Season-

I love Christmas. More then any other time of year---I just feel happier, everything smells better and looks prettier---

Let's not forget about the best part of the holidays---

The Music.

Each year I start listening to Christmas music towards the end of October. I know people think that is strange, but I just think there are far too many wonderful songs, and a month of listening to them doesn't do them justice. In fact, I think Christmas is such a wonderful season, I don't understand why anyone would wait until after Thanksgiving to celebrate it!!

This year, I've decided to celebrate in a slightly different way then I previously have. You see, my grandparents over in Niagara Falls ONT live in a retirement community, and every time I go to visit, they always want me to sing, not just for them, but for their friends down the hall. Since I can not sing for them, I've decided to take to the retirement communities of Spokane--volunteering my love of Christmas carols for those who may not have anyone around them who can stop by and share God's love with them. I know I appreciate every person who can do that for my grandparents.

This morning I've been in contact with many different places in town and have been met with such a joyful response from those running the activities. I'm so excited to celebrate the season in this way!
~Angela M.

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Becky Teal said...

Angela, that's an awesome idea! We miss you...and your voice!