Friday, January 11, 2008

The Passing of Friend

A friend of mine from Spring Arbor University passed away yesterday. Tim Davis was a great friend to me while we were in school. Since my graduation in 03, I had lost communication with him-but upon learning about a week ago that he was battling stomach cancer, my heart dropped. Remembering all the wonderful qualities Tim possessed just made me think that God would help him pull through and defeat this awful disease.
Tears flooded my eyes early this morning as I found out he lost the battle with cancer yesterday. It's so strange the emotions that come along with death. There is of course the natural grief--feeling the loss of someone, that although I have not recently been in touch with, still appreciated and cared for. The grief just knowing that you will never see that person on this side of life.
But then, there is the joy that comes-almost in the same breath. The joy I feel knowing that Tim is right now in the place that God has been preparing for Him for the last 28 years. The joy that comes when I realize that earth is not our intended destination--that Tim is celebrating Christ with those brothers and sisters who have gone before him...he is with Vanessa, my precious "little sister", and with my Father in Law who I never met.
And this is how it will be for each of us. Oh Lord, may we remember to live each day as it were our last. Each day to the fullest. Giving, loving, and serving as if there were no tomorrow. Because on that day we return home with You, we will leave everything behind us. I pray I may be able to leave nothing but your love and grace to those waiting for their eternal home as well.


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Anonymous said...


What a powerful post regarding Tim's life. I have personally known Tim since we were kids and my dad pastored at the New Middletown FMC, and then his sister, Jill, married my brother.

I had the opportunity to visit Tim at the hospital in Pittsburgh two weeks prior to him going home to Heaven. He still had such a powerful testimony that God would heal him, whether it was on earth or in Heaven.

His homegoing celebration to Heaven was an experience I will never forget. It was full of worship and celebration of our Heavenly Father and the celebration of Tim's life.

Thanks for the post.

Tim Neville