Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why My Husband is the Most Amazing Husband

So Jared and I are celebrating Christmas together today since we will be in Cali. with his family on Christmas day. Since we decided our Snowboards would be our Christmas gift to each other, we decided the only other thing in our budget would be the stocking stuffers. Sounds like a good plan huh?

Well today I had a hair appointment at Reve to get my hair shaped up for our family pictures. Jared and I had seen this promotion at the mall for Reve where if you bought a $100 gift card, you received a free cut. So here I've been debating on whether or not it's a good deal...and so I asked advice from my bestest friend Emily--who gave me some excellent advice. DO IT! Well no sooner had she told me it was a good idea then she was telling me not to do it...she convinced me not to buy the gift card and I just decided to forget it and pay for the regular hair cut.

Little did I know that Jared was scheeming....very sneaky! He bought the gift card for me as an extra Christmas surprise! Thanks for spoiling me Jared-You're the best!!!

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