Sunday, June 10, 2007


So last week the executive staff at CrossRoads had a "staff outing". This day proved to be one of the most memorable (exculding the doll house) times I have had with the staff.
We started out having a wonderful lunch at Adam's Fav. J. Alexanders. I enjoyed the largest grilled chicken salad known to mankind.
We then had a beautiful stop at the Toledo Art Museum. Each of us chose several paintings which were our favorite-and take everyone else on a tour of our fave's. After a few exciting brushes with the docents-we actually made it through alive!
We then moved on to a beautiful drive along the beautiful Maumee River-down to Perrysburg-we all chose mansions we wished to live in-
After an awesome dinner at the Navy Bistro-I was so stuffed from lunch, I only ate soup! Oh ya-and chocolate cake:)
We then finished the evening off at a late night mud hens game. It was truly incredible. I'm sure we were some of the roudiest rabble rousers in the stadium!
Thanks everyone for the awesome memories!

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kool kenna said...

What you did was like in Fares Bulars Day Off only it was in Toledo not Chicago