Thursday, May 24, 2007


I don't know how I will possibly wait to see the next season of LOST until February! Thanks to my bro Alex, Jared and I are totally addicted (in a healthy way), to this show. I even dream about it!

Season Finale Highlights:

-Hurley saving the day with the van

-Jack telling Kate he loves her (ahhhhh:)

-Patchy-does he ever die?

-Charlie's death---I cried. seriously.

-Jack FINALLY punching Ben in the face

What is to come in the future!?! What is going on! Will they be able to change the future!? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!


Sherry said...

yeah. lost is crazy! i liked when walt came and got Locke up. my favorite characters are locke and the oh-so-hot desmond.

kool kenna said...

I liked the first season but then it jumped the shark.

but only my opion